IDENTIFY Resources. CONNECT to Nature. GROW Communities.


Aesthetics Squared was founded in 2011 to assist undergraduate and post-graduate students with subject research and document editing and to provide tutoring services for school-age children struggling with basic math and science concepts. While working with these youth, we observed that comprehension of concepts was not as large an issue as was the lack of engagement and confidence necessary for students to know they could excel in math and science.

In 2015, A2 integrated these empirical observations with artistic methodologies to draw a connection to math and science while interacting with the natural environment. During this transitional process, A2 began developing environmental programs in ways to share the organic beauty that surrounds us and makes up our daily lives. As our children began to gain confidence in their academics, they expressed the drive to apply these basic concepts to everyday life while becoming aware of their personal impact on the health of our planet.

As A2 continues to expand on outreach and impact, the focal points of Education and Awareness, Community Development, and Advocacy for a healthy planet remain top priorities and are supported by empirical data.

About the Founder

Whitnye Long is a community steward for net positive change with a genuine interest in youth development and social entrepreneurship. She engages in resource preservation, energy conservation, and community empowerment as a means to promoting social harmony. 

With extensive background experience and education in Fine Arts, Environmental Science, and Hospitality, Ms. Long has developed numerous relationships with community stakeholders and has designed dynamic youth programs.  

The idea is to create a haven for youth and adults within a community and to absolutely realize how effective working together truly is. Everyone plays a role and everyone has a purpose. Let's build on the present to progress into the future.

Whitnye currently resides in Shaker Heights, Ohio with her husband and two children.