Aesthetics Squared is a healthy-planet-healthy-people focused company that specializes in community building and best sustainable practices:

  • by implementing Intentional Community Engagement strategies that increase healthier interactions among diverse populations for the benefit of the neighborhood;
  • by offering indoor Green Work Space Certifications for nonprofits and corporations that incorporate color therapy, feng shui, and elements of nature to encourage more pleasant professional environments and increase productivity;
  • and by designing Environmental Curricula for youth-serving organizations that introduce students living in urban communities to the natural world and developing STREAM-based Programs (Science, Technology, Recreation, Engineering, Art, Math) that inspire them to become stewards of the planet. 

What We Do


Intentional Community Engagement

By working with Aesthetics Squared and utilizing the Asset Improvement Mapping (AIM) Tool, we can support the needs 

of and provide technical assistance to the populations with which we engage with the goal of increasing community 

building and empowerment.

Through the AIM process, stakeholders are connected to like-minded partners, resources, and the audience they AIM to serve by facilitating intentional community conversations, and identifying the who, what, when, where, how, and why to deliver projects that are impactful in an equitable and experiential manner.


Green Work Space Certification

The environment of a work space can have major impacts on staff productivity. The question is whether that impact is positive or negative. If your work space leaves little to be desired and staff feeling less than inspired, maybe it could use some new life!

Plants have been scientifically proven to reduce stress, relieve anxiety, and remove toxins from the air. Your office space can achieve this by becoming a certified Green Work Space for a healthier work environment and a more productive organization.


Curriculum Design & Program Development

Engaging with nature has been scientifically proven to increase participation and attentiveness among school-age youth. This is the primary purpose of the Enviro-SCORE: Environmental Service, Career Opportunities, Recreation, & Education curriculum and is best utilized by supplementing nature-based learning into already-existing programming.

This textual compilation of various outdoor classroom and STEM lesson plans includes hands-on nature and recreational activities designed for youth-serving organizations and youth in grades 3-12.